Get API Key

Get started

To start using the DappLooker SDK, follow these steps:

1. Install the SDK:

npm install dapplooker-sdk

2. Generate an API Key:

  • Begin by sign in to DappLooker either through Metamask or email.

  • Proceed to the Products section and locate the API SDK. Click on it to proceed.

  • Within the API SDK interface, select the option labeled "+API Key"

and designate a name for your API key. Subsequently, click on "Generate Key" to generate the key.

  1. Import the SDK

Once you have installed the SDK, import it into your project. With the imported SDK, create an instance of the DappLookerChartsAPI and make API calls using the API key


Here's an example of how you can use the DappLooker SDK using API key and Chart UUID

const DappLookerChartsAPI = require("dapplooker-sdk");

async function getChartData() => {
  let chartUUID = "dc9b69d8-7ca1-45d4-8ad0-a17f915f3f0"; // Replace it with chart UUID you are working with
  let apiKey = "qzusb5p3q246ip246ab6g0p8ppzb7u"; // Replace it with your API key
  let outputFormat = 'json' // This is a optional argument, valid value is `json`.
  let filterParameter = {}; // Add Parameter if required

  let response = await DappLookerChartsAPI.getChartData(chartUUID, apiKey, outputFormat);
  console.log("API Response Data: ", JSON.stringify(response));


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