7️⃣API Use Case: Beamswap

DappLooker API Use Case: Beamswap

Beamswap is a decentralized exchange (DEX) that allows users to swap BEAM-based assets in a fast, secure, and private way. Beamswap uses the $GLINT token as the utility token of its ecosystem, which is burned every time a swap occurs on the platform.

To display the data and analysis of the $GLINT token burn process, Beamswap integrated DappLooker chart data into their website using the DappLooker SDK and Charts API. The DappLooker SDK simplifies the process of incorporating blockchain data into Dapps, providing developers with the necessary tools to create innovative and engaging decentralized applications


The result

By integrating DappLooker chart data into their website, Beamswap was able to display the following information on their Glint Burn dashboard:

  • The total amount of $GLINT tokens burned so far

  • The current circulating supply of $GLINT tokens

  • The burn rate of $GLINT tokens per day

  • The burn history of $GLINT tokens in a chart

The chart shows the number of $GLINT tokens burned over time, along with the date and time of each burn event. The chart also has zooming and panning features that allow users to explore the data in more detail.

The Glint Burn dashboard provides users with a transparent and visual way to track the progress and impact of the $GLINT token burn process. It also showcases the value proposition and innovation of Beamswap as a DEX that leverages BEAM’s privacy and scalability features.


DappLooker is a powerful tool that enables developers to access reliable and comprehensive blockchain data in Web3. By using the DappLooker SDK and Charts API, Beamswap was able to integrate DappLooker chart data into their website with ease and customization. This enhanced the functionality and user experience of their Dapp, as well as their brand identity and reputation.

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