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Case Study: How DappLooker is Empowering Community updates

The Graph Advocates community has found a powerful ally in DappLooker, a data analytics platform that helps them track the performance of the Graph Network and share valuable insights with the community. One of the Graph Advocates, recently shared how he uses DappLooker to create the Graph Advocates Weekly Spotlight, a newsletter that highlights the latest developments on the Graph Network.

Utilizing DappLooker Dashboards for Weekly Spotlights:

Graph Advocates relies on the "Data Depot" dashboard provided by DappLooker. This dashboard offers a comprehensive overview of the Graph Network's performance, presenting data on key metrics such as the number of subgraphs, Active Delegators, Indexers & Curators, indexed entities, and queries. By utilizing this data, Graph advocates can identify trends and insights that he shares with the Graph community through the Weekly Spotlight.


Benefits of Using DappLooker for Graph Advocates:

  1. Data Visualization: DappLooker provides a variety of data visualizations, making it effortless for Graph Advocates to interpret and understand the data. This capability enables them to identify trends and patterns effectively, which can be communicated to the community through the Weekly Spotlight.

  2. User-Friendly Interface: DappLooker offers a user-friendly interface, making it accessible and easy to learn, even for Graph Advocates who are not familiar with data analytics. This ensures that more members of the community can actively participate in tracking and sharing information about the Graph Network.


DappLooker has proven to be an invaluable tool for Graph Advocates in their mission to track the performance of the Graph Network and share insights with the community. Various data visualizations and a user-friendly interface make it a versatile platform that supports the growth of the Graph Network community.

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