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Impact Market is a non-profit organization that provides microcredit loans to entrepreneurs in developing countries. They use DappLooker dashboards to track the progress of their microcredit program and to measure the impact of their loans.

The dashboard shown in the image tracks the following metrics:

  • Total number of loans issued

  • Number of loans repaid

  • Rate of repayment

  • Average number of days between claim and repayment

  • Group-wise repayments


The dashboard is used by Impact Market to track the progress of the microcredit program and to identify areas where they can improve. The dashboard is also used by donors to track the impact of their donations.

The dashboard is a valuable tool for Impact Market because it provides them with a clear view of the progress of their microcredit program and the impact of their loans. The dashboard also helps them to identify areas where they can improve their program.

Here are some of the benefits of using DappLooker dashboards in your organization reports:

  • Enhanced Performance Tracking: Dashboards offer a comprehensive view of key performance indicators, allowing your organization to track progress and impact across various initiatives. Whether it's monitoring project milestones, evaluating customer satisfaction, or measuring sales growth, these visual representations provide valuable insights into the overall performance of your organization.

  • Informed Decision-Making: With DappLooker dashboards, your organization gains access to real-time data and analytics, empowering decision-makers with accurate information. Identifying trends, patterns, and potential issues becomes more efficient, enabling timely decision-making to respond to opportunities or challenges promptly.

  • Communicate with stakeholders: Dashboards can be used to communicate with stakeholders. Dashboards can be used to show in official reports the progress of your organization and the impact of your organization's loans.

Overall, DappLooker dashboards are a valuable tool for your organizations and an efficient way to communicate with their stakeholders providing them with stunning visualizations.

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