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Discover the most innovative and promising decentralized applications (dApps) in the blockchain ecosystem. Explore diverse dApps, from DeFi platforms to NFT-based gaming apps.

What are DappLooker featured projects?

DappLooker featured projects are a selection of the most popular and trending dapps on the platform. The projects are selected based on various factors, including user activity, social media engagement, and developer activity.

Sure, here are the steps on how to view the featured projects on DappLooker:

  1. Go to the DappLooker website


  1. Click on the My Dashboard section and then click on Register project

  1. There will be Two options either you can register for a new project OR

  1. Click on the "Featured Projects" tab.

  1. This will show you a list of the most popular and trending Projects.

  1. You can sort the list by category, volume, or price.

  2. You can also search for projects in the search tab.

  3. To view more information about a dapp, click on its name.

  4. This will show you a detailed overview of the dapp, including its features, team, and roadmap.

  5. You can also view the dapp's charts and metrics.

  • DappLooker is a comprehensive and user-friendly platform that makes it easy to find and learn about dapps.

  • The featured projects list is a great way to discover new dapps and stay up-to-date on the latest trends in the dapp space.

  • DappLooker provides detailed information about each dapp, including its features, team, roadmap, charts, and metrics. You can perform analytics and create charts, visualizations, and dashboards right away on the featured projects.

  • Use the filters to narrow down your search. DappLooker allows you to filter featured projects by category, blockchain, and other criteria. This can help you find projects that are most relevant to your interests.

  • Read the project descriptions and ratings. The project descriptions and ratings can give you a good overview of what the project is about and what other users think of it.

  • Visit the project website and social media pages. The project website and social media pages can provide you with more information about the project, such as its team, roadmap, and community.

  • Try out the project. The best way to learn about a dapp is to try it out for yourself. Most dapps are free to use, so you can easily experiment with them without any risk.

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