The Collection page provides a convenient way to categorize and access different collections of data, charts, and dashboards.

Collections are an easy and efficient way to store and navigate your analytics including charts, visualizations, and dashboards. Dapplooker offers two types of collections for storing charts: public and personal collections.

Public Collection: When you save a chart in a public collection, it becomes visible to anyone using Dapplooker. The browse collection section allows you to easily explore and browse through the charts saved in public collections. It provides an opportunity for users to discover and view a wide range of charts contributed by various individuals.

Personal Collection: Alternatively, you have the option to save charts in a personal collection, which is completely private and visible only to you. Your personal collection serves as a secure repository where you can store and access your charts. By choosing to save a chart in your personal collection, you ensure that it remains confidential and exclusively available for your reference and use.

Team Collection: Keep your team updated and synced with your personal collection, and ensure that everyone has access to the latest data.

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