Adding Filters to Dashboard

Here are the steps for adding a filter to a dashboard:

  1. Start by selecting the specific dashboard to which you'd like to apply a filter.

  1. In the top right corner of the dashboard, locate and click on the "Edit" option.

  1. Once in the dashboard editing mode, find the "Add filter" button.

  1. From the list of available filter options, let's choose "Text or Category" click on it and Select " Is "

  1. Pick the chart or section in your dashboard that has the information you want to filter. For example, if you want to filter by user data, select the user-related chart.

  1. When you select the "User" column or category in that chart, the dashboard will show information specific to that user, based on the filter you've set.

  1. Give a Name to Filter " User Address ", Then click on done and save

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