Time Filter

Here are the steps to add Time Filter:

  1. Once in the dashboard editing mode, find the "Add filter" button.

  1. From the list of available filter options, let's choose the "Time Filter" and click on it.

  1. Assign a meaningful name to your filter, such as "Date Filter."

  1. Select the column on chart on which you want to add filter

  1. By default, the filter will likely be set to a time frame. Let's go with "Previous 30 days" as an example.

  1. After configuring your filter settings, click on the "Done" button, followed by the "Save" button to save your changes.

  1. Your dashboard will now display data from the previous 30 days based on the filter you've applied.

  1. If you wish to adjust the time frame, simply click on the "Date Filter" located in the top left corner.

  1. Select the desired time frame and click "Update Filter" to apply the changes to your dashboard.

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