DappLooker DataBOTs are intelligent bots that provide instant insights for your Discord and Telegram community. You can easily integrate them with your channels and customize them to suit your needs. With DappLooker DataBOTs, you can monitor on-chain and off-chain metrics, access real-time visual insights, and explore trending and popular data across 15+ blockchains and dApps.


  • One-click integration: You can add DappLooker Data Bots to your Discord or Telegram channels with just one click. No coding or technical skills required.

  • Real-time on-chain metrics: You can track key protocol metrics such as TVL, gas fees, cryptocurrency prices, and more in real-time via Discord and Telegram commands.

  • Endless customizations: You can easily customize the commands, visuals, and data sources of your DappLooker Data Bots. You can also create your own subgraphs and substreams to power your bots with unique data.

  • Seamless integrations: You can gain insights across 15+ blockchains and dApps, such as Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Solana, Aave, Uniswap, and more. You can also transform your smart contracts into intelligent bots with DappLooker Data Bots.

Use Cases

  • Unleashing the potential of subgraph and substreams: You can elevate your user interaction and engagement by enabling effortless communication and data retrieval. You can also experience real-time visual metrics powered by subgraphs and substreams, which are open APIs that index blockchain data.

  • Unlocking insights across 15+ networks: You can instantly access TVL, gas prices, cryptocurrency rates, and more across various blockchains and dApps. You can also explore trending and popular visual insights, such as top gainers and losers, whale alerts, and NFT sales.

  • Transforming smart contracts to intelligent bots: You can track trending DeFi, NFT, Gaming, RWA, and DePIN KPIs with DappLooker Data Bots. You can also monitor protocol metrics across chains and dApps, such as liquidity, volume, transactions, users, and more.


DappLooker Data Bots are the ultimate solution for your Discord and Telegram community. They provide instant insights for your on-chain and off-chain metrics, real-time visual insights, and seamless integrations across 15+ blockchains and dApps. You can also customize your bots to fit your needs and preferences. With DappLooker Data Bots, you can transform your channels into data-driven communities.

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