📰Push x MetaMask Snaps

Push Snaps: a powerful tool designed to seamlessly integrate notifications directly into your MetaMask wallet. Follow the below steps

  1. Once your Metamask wallet is connected and Notifications Enabled with DappLooker Account

  1. Click on Connect Snapapprove the required permissions to run the snap

  1. Once successfully installed the snap will redirect to the Push Channels

  1. It Allows you to receive DappLooker dashboard notifications from Push directly on MetaMask!

  1. After that, you can go back to the Snap Settings Page.

  1. Click on Push Snap settings This allows you to add an address for which you prefer to receive notifications.

  1. Once you click, simply sign the message to complete the process

  1. Once done, you are all set. The address will now start receiving notifications.

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