My Dashboard Overview

📊 Plan Information: This section displays your plan name and its current status, indicating whether it is active or inactive. Additionally, a meter is provided to show the total number of records available in your plan and how much of it has been utilized.

📈 Summary Overview: A quick glance at the number of projects, charts, dashboards, and views associated with your plan. This helps you keep track of your overall usage and the extent of your data analysis.

🔍 Next Steps: Here, you are presented with two options to proceed:

a) Register Your First Project 📝: If you are new to the platform or have not yet registered any projects, this option allows you to create and set up your initial project. By clicking on this option, you can kick-start your analysis journey and start leveraging the power of data insights.

b) Browse Featured Analysis 🔖: If you're seeking inspiration or looking for pre-built analysis examples, this option allows you to explore a curated collection of featured analyses. Browse through various projects and gain insights into different data-driven perspectives to enhance your own analysis techniques.

Your Registered Projects

Once your project is successfully registered, it will be prominently displayed in the 'Your Projects' section.

Here, you can easily identify your project by its name.

By clicking the 'View Data' button, you can access and explore the data associated with your project.

The 'View Chart' button offers a convenient way to visualize the data. By simply clicking this button, you can access a variety of charts

To enhance your data analysis capabilities, the 'Create Chart' button enables you to generate custom charts based on your specific requirements.

For a comprehensive understanding of your project's data source and registration details, you can simply click the right arrow button.

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