Smart Contracts

Registration by Smart Contract

The following is a stepwise guide to registering by Smart Contract on Dapplooker.

  1. Start by visiting DappLooker's website at This is where you can register and access your project.

  1. A popup will showcase our plans and pricing after successfully signing up or logging in with your Wallet/Account. Either select the free trial or click on the skip button.

  1. After that, It will redirect you to the DappLooker's Discover page. Then click on the "My Dashboard" section.

  1. Once you click on the My Dashboard, locate the "Register Project" button, then click on it.

  1. In the "New Project" registration tab, select the "Smart contract" option and click "Register Project" This will initiate the project registration process.

  1. Enter a suitable Project Name and select the network that your smart contract is deployed on. This information helps DappLooker connect to your smart contract correctly.

  1. Search your smart contract by Entering the contract name, or you can simply copy and paste the contract address in the input box.


If you enable 'SEVERAL INSTANCES OF SAME CONTRACT', the registered project will be reviewed by the tech team before it can be synced. This is to make sure user has correctly registered masterโ‡’ proxy contracts.

  1. If the smart contract is not indexed, click โ€œRegister.โ€ Syncing time depends on various factors like data volume and syncing projects in the pipeline. An email will be sent to you notifying the completion of the syncing process.


Already indexed projects cannot be deleted. Send an email to support if they need to be deleted.

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