⛓️Smart Contract Live Query

Smart Contract Live Query:

A Smart Contract Live Query enables real-time monitoring and running queries on smart contract view functions seamlessly. It enables Dapps and other applications to access the current smart contract state data in almost real-time insights and makes it easier to track and manage them. By using Smart Contract Live Queries, developers, Analysts, and users can stay up-to-date with the latest information stored within the smart contract

Key features

  1. Call view function: By using the call view function within the smart contract to effortlessly create no-code dashboards, using our visual SQL and drag-and-drop dashboard editor for a seamless experience.

  2. Real-Time Updates: The data retrieved from the smart contract through the live query is updated in real-time as new blocks are mined on the blockchain.

  3. Scheduled Queries: DappLooker allows users to schedule queries at specific intervals (e.g., every 15 minutes) to automatically refresh the state information from the smart contract.

  4. Dashboard Creation: Users can create customizable dashboards with Dapplooker and visualize real-time insights from the integrated smart contract data.

Example of Savvy Live data:

Savvy is a decentralized credit protocol that allows borrowers to secure immediate advances on their collateral future yield, where borrowers can retain exposure to their collateral & access instant liquidity at 0% interest without the risk of liquidation.

Their smart contract holds crucial financial data, such as interest rates, loan amounts, and user balances. Having access to real-time state data is very important for dApps like Savvy to ensure seamless experience to their users.

This allows users, like Savvy, to effortlessly create real-time no-code dashboards.

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